The Clanky Lincolns

Fourscore and seven minutes ago The Clanky Lincolns were brought forth upon this continent, a new cover band, conceived for the funk, and dedicated to the proposition that all women and men are created equally to get down.

The Clanky Lincolns are the central NC’s most fun party band! Covering a vast range of popular tunes (and a small range of totally obscure ones), The Clanky Lincolns are ready to bring your whole deal up a notch. Bring some funkaluscious groove to your party, bar, corporate event, wedding, or venue with the power foursome of the ages.



A house divided against itself cannot PARTY! 
–Not Abraham Lincoln


Meet The Boys


Your Front-Men

JUSTIN HORN and DAN RAY pull double duty on guitars and lead vocals. With decades of stage experience and a live-wire crowd energy, these two stand ready to turn every tune into a jam, and every night into a party!




Your Backbone

SCOTT DELAPP is a bottom-end machine of staggering feel and precision. He holds down the bass line like no other. 

When Grammy-Recognized Artist TONY TESTA is in the house, you can be sure the rhythm doctor is IN–and he’s writing a prescription for the funk!